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A Hooded Figure

We stayed at the Crescent for two nights last March 2004 for our honeymoon. The first night I awoke to hear a child crying (there were no children on our floor). We later found out that many years ago a child had fallen on the stairs just outside our door and died a few days later.

The morning after the second night, while in the dining room, my husband began making fun of the ghosts. As we paid for breakfast and walked out the French Doors that were locked open, one of them slammed shut, hitting him in the back.

The dining room was empty that morning so we were allowed to video tape inside. When we got home and watched the video we noticed that I zoomed into the mirrors (I was unaware at the time that I spent so much time on the mirrors) and as we watched, there are ghostly apparition – one of a lady with a beautiful hat and another of a man with a slightly crooked smile who looks like he might be German.

There is also a hooded figure who moves in and out of the mirror as I was filming. We took about 15-16 rolls of film during our stay. The pictures were all very clear and very nice. We were disappointed that there was no ghostly activity with our camera. Until we got to the last roll of film – in the middle of that last roll were four consecutive very very blurred pictures. We loved our visit are looking forward to returning.

The bath was over

Written March 16, 2005

Jason and Mandy stayed at the Crescent on March 12th. We were in room 310. We had something unexplainable happen and we were wondering if you could ask Boyd (bellhop) and the gentleman in charge of the Ghost Tours to see if that specific thing had happened before. Here’s what happened:

We were laying in the bathtub relaxing, and I felt a bunch of bubbles under my right armpit. I was laying towards the back of the tub and she was laying towards the front of the tub where the drain is. I asked Mandy if she saw them and she said no.

So, I kind of sat up and after that, the bubbles started again. It wasn’t like a bloop, bloop, it was a rapid boil type of bubbling. The second time it bubbled for about 6-7 seconds, long enough for Mandy and I to talk about it and watch it happening.

Needless to say the bath was over. We also heard a muffled metal banging in the room but that could be explained a million different ways, possibly.

Anyway, I can’t say I believe in the paranormal, but it’s hard to be a nonbeliever when things like that are happening right in front of you.

Disclaimer: I didn’t create the bubbles, there were no cracks in the tub, there was no jets because it wasn’t a Jacuzzi tub, there was no visible explanation for the bubbles.

A Full Figure Standing in the Mirror

I stayed at the Crescent November 2003 and 2004. We stayed in Theadora’s room. I went to turn the handle of the closet door and it was as bolt locked. Startled, I jumped back and laughed in a nervous way. That moment we heard the door click, I tried the door again and it opened with ease. I inspected the door. At one time it did have a lock, but it had been sealed with paint, impossible to lock. On that day it did.

Inspired by our 2003 trip we booked for the next year, and room 218. This room is known for unexplained activity, so we had to have it. We were dying for something to happen and nothing did, so we thought.

When we got our photos back we had several orb pics but in 218 we took a pic with a full figure standing in the mirror. The man is totally see-through, much detail, arms, hands, etc. Also what appears to be a long sleeve shirt that has been rolled up at the elbow, and perhaps overalls.

This is one of the most interesting “ghost” pictures I have ever seen, so we sent them the people whom run the ghost tours and hopefully you will soon see them on their site.

By the way, the hotel is great, the staff is great, what a wonderful piece of history, and I know some of that history has remained behind.

The ghost tours are wonderful and the people connected to them are very nice, the tour is worth every penny. I have taken it 3 times and will take it again when we return for our November 2005 trip.

Did You Feel That?

I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking your ghost tours for being one of the highlights of our trip. My 14 year old daughter and I attended your tours the last week in May of this year. We are from Iowa and stayed in your beautiful state for a week. The rest of our family declined to attend the ghost tours because they do not believe in “such things.” After spending some time in Eureka’s beautiful hotel, I will tell you that I am a believer. Because it happened to me.

We have always been fascinated by the paranormal and we came to the tours with an open mind, not expecting anything out of the ordinary, yet welcoming anything that might cross our paths. Secretly hoping we would have something exciting to bring back home with us, as in a story, but just as content by soaking up the beautiful scenery of the hotel and the wonderful people of Arkansas.

We just returned home late last Sunday, and therefore haven’t had a chance to get our photographs developed yet… however, on our digital cameras you can see several splashes of light that were not visible to the eye when the pictures were taken. These splashes occur on the 2nd and 3rd floors only. I’m no photography expert, therefore there could very well be a valid explanation due to the flash of the digital camera or something else that scientifically contributed to the lights we see.

My daughter and I also wanted to share with you this. At the very beginning of the tour, when we were all gathered around the ghost tour office door, you were sharing much education with us regarding our upcoming evening. If one were looking at your office door face on, we were standing at the furthest left one could stand and still hear your presentation. Behind us was the small set of steps that is in front of the former asylum. The evening weather was very warm and beautiful… no storms, and we remember dressing in sleeveless blouses to accommodate the warm weather.

Long story short, as we were standing there, my daughter and I kept feeling a freezing sensation on our arms. We were standing shoulder to shoulder and she constantly felt the ice on her right arm ONLY and at the same time I felt it on my left ONLY. It did not hurt, however it was very much an attention getter. I would compare it to leaving the warmth of your home and running outside in below freezing weather in only a sleeveless shirt. The cold would come and my daughter and I would look at each other in puzzlement and then the cold would leave as quickly as it came. Then the cold would come moments later, stay a bit and pass. This happened about 4 times. There was no breeze and as I looked around, everyone else seemed comfortable and no one else was noticing the freeze. I didn’t want people to think we’d lost it or were making up stories, so that early on we kept it to ourselves. It was only after these cold sensations were felt that you educated us about someone taking the photograph of a being, sitting on the steps, in the same direction of where our cold came from. Then you explained to us that we might feel something, or smell, or hear, or see something and that it was all right and not to be scared.

I don’t know what it was… but I guarantee you, something was there. It was as if something were toying with us… and getting a kick out of my daughter and myself whispering back and forth to each other… “did you feel that? what is that?” It was very close to “Michael’s” room and I’m leaving it all to his playful spirit that he was flirting with two ladies in sleeveless blouses who kept quietly asking him “what is that?” He was a tease and if it’s our attention he wanted, he sure got it.

Michael, may you someday rest in peace. And in closing, thank you again for your fantastic ghost tours and the education you gave us on the hotel and life itself. It will not be forgotten. We look forward to watching your upcoming event on the sci-fi channel and wish you the best of luck in dealing with whatever is in your home as well. Stay safe.

Running Out of the Room

My husband, our two sons, myself, my mom and dad, two sisters and two nieces stayed at your hotel on June 20th.

My sister, her two daughters, and my other sister stayed in room 205. They had taken the lamp shade off the lamp so they could see better while they were eating and set it on top of the TV About 10 minutes later they came running out of the room telling us that the shade had “jumped” up and spun around and then fell on the floor.

Then that night they said that the phone started ringing about every 30 minutes and nobody was on the line when they answered.

My husband, our two boys and I stayed in room 210. Our toilet would not stop running so my husband took the back off the toilet and saw that the chain was off. He put the chain back on and the toilet was fine for about an hour and then it started running again.

He took the back off again to find that the chain was off again so this time he twisted the end on so that it wouldn’t slip off anymore. We then went to bed and the next morning when we woke up the toilet was running, he looked in the back of the toilet to find that the chain had been twisted back the other way and it was off. We decided that we’d just leave it alone since someone wanted that chain off so bad.

My Mom and Dad stayed in 209. Everyone except for my Mom and Dad went down to walk in the garden, they stayed in their room. When we got outside we looked up at my Mom and Dad’s window and saw them looking down at us so we started waving at them.

We then walked all around the motel which was beautiful. We all then went back up to my Mom and Dad’s room to tell them good night and to ask them if they had seen us waving. They told us that they were never looking out the window and we thought they were just trying to play a trick on us until we looked at their window and saw that it was way too tall for them to have been looking out.

Knocking at the Door

I have stayed at the magnificent Crescent Hotel many times, and when visiting the Ozarks I will stay no place else. I adore the ambiance and history that surrounds the grand hotel.

When I was 14 years old I met a girl whose father drove a tour bus. She came to see me at the hotel the next day and gave me the grand tour, ghost stories and all.

This was of course way before the hotel had the ghost tours. I was and still am fascinated. As badly as I wanted to I did not see anything out of the ordinary.

However, my mother heard a knocking at the door at about 2:30 in the morning that woke her up. When she went to check it out there was no body there but once the door shut it immediately started again. Neither my father or I heard anything at all.

My last trip to the Crescent was at least 12 years ago and next summer I plan to take my husband and two girls to experience the wonderful hotel. Now I just have to figure out how to explain to my nine year old daughter that the place is haunted without freaking her out. Can’t wait to be back.

Photos had “Orbs”

I was a guest for 2 nights (mid-July 2005) in this wonderful Victorian hotel. I was not disappointed in the least. You can “feel” the history here. The hotel and the surrounding landscape is beautiful. And the view from the 2nd story balcony of my room was amazing.

The ghost tour was super informative and a lot of fun. Ken & Carroll were great. The photos I took during the ghost tour didn’t turn up anything unusual, however, the photos I took on the day I arrived in the hotel lobby and in my room had “orbs” in them. I was thrilled and have shown everybody I know! I WILL be back. I felt safe and secure in this hotel and totally comfortable. Thanks to the Crescent owners & staff.

“I felt so chilled that I could not move”

My husband and I visited the Cresent in july 2003. First time either of us had been to Eureka, and the first for checking out a haunted hotel, but we had seen all about the Cresent on the travel channel and wanted to check it out. We live in Missouri so we decided to take a few days and go. It first of all is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. We were on the second floor just outside of Michael’s room, when I felt so chilled that I could not move, my husband told me do as the lady told us just move. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I was so moved by the feeling that I felt that I was not sure what to do I had not ever felt that kind of feeling before.  We taped our whole time there. Even though we did not stay there we did go back on our fist night around mid-night .We seen a lot, but our tape tells a lot more. The ball room We have a man and woman dancing. We have watched this tape a thousand times and there is no way it could have been trees. We have had friends watch that later went to the Cresent and there is just no other excuse except a man and a woman dressed for ball-room dancing to show up on this tape other than that they were there. I will be glad to send a copy of my tape.

The Crescent Mission Ghost-“Miss Theadora”

Mission ghosts are intent upon achieving some goal they have set for themselves.

If you have taken he ghost tour at the Crescent, you will learn Miss Theadora’s was to help her ill friends cross over when the hotel was a cancer hospital.

While staying in her room, 419, in late Feb. I encountered Miss Theadora. One of the best places to sleep with a ghost I have found after years of paranormal research is 419 at he Crescent. You won’t be disappointed!

First I couldn’t get in the room, I had to get housekeeping to let me in, this happens a lot I found out. Twice this happened to me. If you stay in 419, good luck on getting in!! Soon after I got in the room, I took a base line reading on my EMF meter, set up motion detector and took pictures.

I tried to channel Miss Theadora- no luck. I had high EMF spikes several times and my motion detector went off.

I was asking her to let me see her or let me know she was there. Lots of noises in the room, lots of high spikes on my EMF meter. I had taken my necklace, which has a cross on it, off along with my watch and laid it on the buffet. Sitting in he dark room several hours later I heard the necklace being picked up, laid down and then the watch. I know who this was. Hello, Miss Theadora!

After going to bed at 4:00 a.m., I was tapped on the foot after a short while. Waking, I saw a streak of energy- Miss Theadora going across the ceiling above my head first one way and then the other. She didn’t let me down and she won’t let you down.

Thank you, Miss Theadora.