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Another paranormal experience in Room 213:

My mother, my godmother, and myself recently stayed at your lovely hotel on March 17th through March 18th.   It was my birthday, my sweet sixteen of all things, so naturally us ladies wanted to do something interesting away from the men for once. We spent the night in room 213. I had always believed in ghosts, but had yet to actually have an experience. We went to bed after our 9:00 ghost tour. I was disturbed from my sleep at approximately 6:00 A.M. I could have sworn that someone groaned directly in my ear, a man specifically. Soon after I took a shower. While I was drying my hair, my mother walked in and claimed that someone was playing with her hair. We started arguing, just a random disagreement about buying a ouigi board, and I felt someone pinching me on my waste. It wasn’t too rough, but it was stern enough to pull a good yelp from me.

Before my shower, I had grabbed my necklace and set it down on the arm of the chair in the far corner of the room. Taking note that the chair was very sturdy, I sat down. The chain of the necklace was draped over the arm of the chair, the clasp broken and therefore very loosely hanging off, but to my surprise, as I glanced away I realized that the necklace had fallen directly in the center of my lap. Considering the position of the necklace and the fact that no movement I had made in that chair could shake it enough to throw the necklace, there is no possible way that the necklace could’ve ended up in the very middle. I found the broken clasp below the chair.

My paranormal experience ended with a bright orange orb flashing out of the top corner of my eye and out onto the balcony. I went downstairs to eat breakfast, grabbed the luggage as quickly as possible, and got out of there, feeling very uncomfortable and unwelcome all of a sudden.

Room 213

This was overheard by a guest from a daughter and her mother who stayed at the hotel. They were staying in room 213. The girl (age 13) said she felt “someone” poking her through the night while she was in bed and the next morning found her jewelry that had been on the dresser on top of her in the bed. Also, her mother said while she was blow drying her daughter’s hair that next morning, the mom felt someone playing with the top of her (the mom’s) hair.

“I felt the heat of a breath on my neck…”

I wanted to share an experience that I had while in the Morgue during The Crescent Hotel ghost tour. It was near the end of the tour on Tuesday June 22, 2010. We were on our honeymoon and decided to come to see some spirits!! The group was down in the morgue, and we decided to turn the lights out to see if anyone could capture images with their cameras. I was in the parts room with my back facing the back wall. There were 2 other girls in the room with me. As I was snapping pictures in the pitch dark, I noticed with the flashing of my camera the 2 girls had exited the parts room and were in the hallway going back towards the morgue room where the autopsy table sits. All of a sudden I felt the heat of a breath on the left back part of my neck and could hear it as well. Chills ran thru me and I started running out of that room!!! We had brought an EVP recorder, but my husband had it at the time and he wasn’t in the room with me so we weren’t able to capture this on tape. I have never been a skeptic of the paranormal. I have always believed in a different world other than our own. This really proved that world exists! We are so glad we got to visit a part of history at this hotel and look forward to coming back soon!

“A distinct male voice whispers my name…”

We quietly make our way past the room, all is quiet as we walk the creaky wooden and carpeted corridors when about a minute after we had passed room 218 I said “The rain is gone, the energy is gone. There’s no more energy left.” Upon analysis of the recordings, a distinct male voice clearly whispers my name “CHRIS”. I did not hear this voice at the time, so it was quite startling when I heard this EVP during analysis. At no point had Julia said my name while we were walking around, there is no way anyone could have known my name nor was anyone around (it was 3:30am and everyone was asleep.) Read more.

Downright Creepy

After the tour we were “ghost hunting” all over the hotel and the grounds outside. We had no idea what we were doing. At one point we were in our room, sitting on one of the beds, in the pitch dark with our ghost radar apps on and taking picture after picture hoping for an orb to appear.  Read more.