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Strange Experience in the Morgue

“My last experience was in the morgue at the very end of the tour when the ghost tour americas most haunted hotel ghost storiesguide was trying to contact a young man. I stood at the very edge of the freezer and my friend stood right next to me with her back to an empty hall that we all had just came through. While the guide was trying to communicate, my friend whispered to me asking if I had heard “that.” I turned to her and let her know that I only heard a child say something that I couldn’t make out. I then turned back around to listen to the guide. A few moments had only passed when my friend ask me again if I could hear “that.” I asked her what she had heard, and she had stated she was hearing breathing in her ear right between us. I bent a little and tried to listen but heard nothing so I just shook my head and turned back around. She then told me to hold my breath so she could listen and I did so for about 20 seconds. After a few more moments had passed, she told me again, “You don’t hear that?!.” This time, the look on her face was of horror, and her eyes were teary. I then shook my head, then turned back to listen to the guide. Suddenly, it felt as if someone took both their hands and slowly expanded their finger tips widely on the back of my head. I turned around but nothing was there, plus, my head was against the freezer so no one could have done that.”

My Legs Went Freezing Cold

Many people have experiences which are quite remarkable and which they cannot explain America's Most Haunted Hotelat the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa. The following was sent by Vivian Angel and her friends. They were on my ghost tour a few days ago:

“While sitting and waiting while you spoke about what will happen on the tour, my legs, from mid-thigh down to my toes suddenly went freezing cold. I looked around for the air-conditioning and noticed it was not blowing on me and the rest of my body was normal. I then looked at my friend and she asked if I felt like the floor was shaking and I told her that the whole Hotel feels like it’s shaking. It felt kind of like being on a ship on water. She then felt something brush against her leg and looked to see what it was but nothing was there.”