Explore the Paranormal Activity in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour - Expert and Expanded Tour

Our most senior paranormal experts share the stories of special spirits at the Crescent Hotel who checked in but have never left.  BONUS: This tour adds the legend of Norman Baker as you explore the morgue, learn of the dig site (midden) and view the recent findings of the archeological site.

Tickets $29.95 for adults.

TOP of the CREST – Whether arriving early for your ghost tour or just looking for a relaxing spot, guests can enjoy a drink or dessert while you watch the sunset from this 4th Floor patio.

crescent hotel morgue

Crescent Hotel Kids Ghost Tour

This 45-minute walking tour will introduce the Crescent ghosts to children ages 5-12. A guardian age 18 or older must accompany the child and is FREE to Accompany.

The tour begins on the 4th floor and ends after a visit to the morgue. This is not a “special effects haunted house” tour. Each child receives a special token from the Crescent Hotel.

Fridays & Saturdays, 5:30pm

Kids Ghost Tour

Midnight Investigation

Join us at the Crescent Hotel for a unique paranormal investigation, exclusively on Wednesday and Friday nights at midnight. Led by a seasoned investigator from the Eureka Springs Paranormal Team, this event offers a closer look at ghost hunting in the hotel’s most mysterious spaces, including the infamous morgue. Participants will have the chance to use cutting-edge ghost-hunting equipment under the guidance of a paranormal expert.  The event is designed for a small group of just 15 participants, ensuring a personalized experience for $35 per person.

Basin Park Hotel - Paranormal Investigation

Join Eureka Springs Paranormal Investigators to investigate the most active spaces at the Basin Park Hotel. We offer a small group setting, using our tools and expertise you become your own paranormal investigator and ghost hunter.

You can become a ghost hunter for a night!  Our paranormal investigators will share tales and evidence of paranormal incidents at the hotel that you won’t believe while teaching you the evolution of ghost hunting.   You’ll become a part of the investigation as we measure cold spots with our infrared thermometer, take detailed photos, and use special audio equipment to pick up hidden sounds. Using equipment like a spirit box, EMF meter, and ghost magnet, we’ll also try to pick up paranormal energies.   The investigation takes you to some of the most active spaces throughout the hotel–from the heights of the Crow’s Nest to the depths of the cave accessed privately by the hidden Rabbett hole.

One Hour. Ghost meters and paranormal tools are provided.  Ticket required.

ghost adventour

ESP Weekends (Eureka Springs Paranormal)

Two weekends –  a forty-eight-hour plus immersion in all things supernatural!

Every year, America’s Most Haunted Hotel hosts paranormal investigators, of all experience levels, for overnight ghost hunts and hands-on training to study the Unexplained.

“How-To” classes during the early evening will focus on investigative techniques and proper behavior during an investigation.  Nightly talks will be focused on the history of both properties and the experience of paranormal researchers and investigators.

Intrigue Theater at the Gavioli Theater

The Illusionist & the Ghost talker “a truly one-of-a-kind magical experience right in the heart of Eureka Springs.”  Eureka Springs’ landscape set the stage for an amazing night of Mystery. This Unique Haunted Victorian Town in the Ozark mountains inspired Sean-Paul and Juliane to create a truly unique experience that would regress audiences back to an Age of Intrigue.

** Intrigue Theater: Up Close and Incredible **

This exclusive experience is limited to less than 24 people seated in the round as Sean-Paul, the illusionist, entertains them with close-up Sleight-of-hand and Mentalism.  Surprises and paranormal demonstrations can also be expected.  Learn More.

**Intrigue Theater: Illusionist and the Ghost Talker**

Come to Intrigue Theater – and experience an evening of Mystery and Intrigue with Sean-Paul the Illusionist and Juliana Fay as the Ghost Talker, Featuring Special Guests from the other side. Take a Seat – but only use the edge of it. This Nationally acclaimed team take their audience to the Golden Age of Magic and give demonstrations of mysteries that bring the crowd to the edge of their seats!