Monthly Archives: October 2023

The Crescent Hotel to Go On Lockdown

The Crescent Hotel, famed for its spectral occupants and eerie incidents, will welcome a select group of paranormal investigators on the night of January 9th, 2024. This exclusive event grants 65 courageous individuals access to explore the hotel’s active spaces and guest rooms.

During the event, the Crescent Hotel will be under complete lockdown, necessitating investigators to spend the night at the Basin Park Hotel.

The night starts with investigators being transported to the Crescent and entering lockdown. After a quick overview in the conservatory, guests will have free rein to explore the hotel with the guidance of experienced experts. The investigation will continue until 2 AM, when guests return to the Basin Park Hotel, armed with a trove of intriguing tales. Participants are encouraged to document their encounters and share them on social media too!

An overnight guest room is required, and rates start at $149 for a one-night stay on January 9th at the Basin Park Hotel. Your reservationist will reserve your place in the lockdown

The cost for the lockdown experience is $150 per person, which includes transportation between hotels and the paranormal investigation at the Crescent Hotel.

To secure your place in the lockdown, please contact our reservations team at 877-456-9766 and mention the promo code: Lockdown.