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Room 428

My wife and I stayed last night at the Crescent in room 428. After dinner and watching some tv we went to bed. Early in the morning before it was light outside, we were both startled awake by the tv. Something or someone had turned the tv on and the volume was all the way up! We had to search for the remote which was on the far side of the nightstand out of our reach. We hadn’t come to stay in search of ghosts, in fact I can’t say that I’ve ever totally believed in ghosts, but this was really spooky. We just wanted to share our story with you, it was an experience we will never forget!



Strange Messages were being sent from 12/31/69

Three ladies had checked into room 303 and at the start of their arrival one woman continued to receive email messages on her I-Phone from the date, 12/31/69. This repeated throughout her stay but she could never open up the message. Later to be found out this particular year there was a major snowstorm in Eureka Springs and the hotel was closed down for a month.

Other paranormal happenings.

A necklace had been placed inside a purse and zipped up. When the ladies came back into their room this particular necklace was laid out on top of the fireplace mantel.

There was a blue blanket that was folded nicely in the closet. When the ladies left the room and came back a little later the blanket had been moved to the bed, still nicely folded. Later in the evening when the 3 ladies were resting they had moved the blanket near the foot of their bed. But later at some point one of the ladies noticed that the blanket had been returned to the closet. None of them had moved it themselves.

One of the ladies had been sitting on the bed and felt someone stroking her hair in a soothing way.

A headband had been placed on the side table. When the ladies returned to the room one of them had sat on the bed and felt something scrape her leg, she then pulled the sheets up and saw her headband inside the covers.

All the ladies had heard a faint sound of a music box being played in their room. When they went out to the hallway they heard nothing.

During the night all ladies heard muffled voices in the closet area of their room.

Parlor Suite, 202

At 11pm just before we went to bed, the whirlpool bath jets came on “by themselves.” My wife turned them off. Then at 1am while we were asleep they came on again. It woke my wife up and again she turned them off. The next morning when we were ready to check out my wife stood in the middle of the parlor room and said aloud, “Okay, we’re leaving. If someone is here with us please prove yourself by turning those jets on again.” And the jets came on!”


“Stories of a yellow cat…”

1. Last year, my friend and I took the ghost tour with my mom and a few other people. After the tour was over, we were petting Casper, then we saw a yellow cat who ran out the kitty door. We ran outside, but it seemed like he disappeared. I thought nothing of it until I took the tour again this year and our tour guide said the only two kitties were Casper and Jasper… and that one was grey and one was black. Even more spooky, we learned the last yellow cat that was there died in 1994! Two years before I was born!

2. While waiting for the tour to start last Saturday; I watched a fat yellow cat groom himself – never thought much about it until the tour guide showed us a photo of Morris. We asked if there were any current cats and were told of Jasper and Casper. I dismissed it until I saw photos of them today (one black and one grey).

3. My husband & I stayed there a few years ago & in the middle of the night (my husband couldn’t sleep as it was his 1st time staying there & he was spooked!) I opened the door to our room & there in the hallway was a yellow cat staring up at our door. We let him in our room & he hung out with us for awhile. He got bored & left out the balcony!!

“Believe It or Not…”

This is my story and I’m sticking to it. You may believe it or not, but for all the females on this adventure it is totally true. The story centers around the third most haunt building in the United States, the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Being third may seem oh hum, but when you consider that is out of 800 structures it then becomes impressive.

Each year my three daughters and I, plus some assorted granddaughters, go on a weekend shopping trip. This year we went to stay at the Crescent due to some encouragement from the granddaughters. They are into scaring themselves. Not all the adult females thought this was a good idea but went along with the group. This reluctant person was Roni, one of my daughters. Some people are more sensitive to paranormal activities than others and Roni is one of them.

After checking into the hotel the first evening we snooped around the hotel’s halls and staircases with our cameras because it is know that the paranormals haunt the public places in the hotel most often. During the night Roni experience a bump on her bed and then the feeling of something with very small feet walking around her bed. She then applied her force field for protection, her blanket over her head. Around five in the morning she also experienced something lifting the blanket away from her face. Needless to say, she was then very awake. As Roni’s story was circulating around our rooms, Vikki, another daughter, checked her child’s camera to see what snapshots she may have gotten the evening before. Low and behold, there in one of her stairwell shot was a ghost from the hotel’s Victorian time. Picture enclosed. This Victorian gentleman has been sighted before but we may have the only photograph of him. We believe he is Dr. Ellis because the previous sighting always state that the lower portion of his body does not materialize. Dr. Ellis was the hotel’s house physician during the turn of the century. All the cameras had shots of what the experts call energy orbs. They showed up so often in the pictures that it became common place.

Now this is not the end of the story. We booked two nights in the Crescent Hotel. So the next night after a walk in the fog to dinner and a ghost tour during a thunderstorm we retired for the evening. Roni would not sleep by herself, so she enlisted her sister to share her queen bed. Once again the bump on the bed returned but this time the little feet just kneaded the bedding. From this I determined that the hotel cat, Morris, who had live at the hotel for twenty years and was buried out in the courtyard, had taken a liking to Roni. It was too much for her and she yelled “Kitty get off the bed! I need to sleep.” Roni was no longer bothered by anything that night. The next morning though there were some discoveries in the bathroom, two perfect circles were drawn on the soap and a happy face traced in the condensation of the windows. No children had been in the room.

I have stayed at the Crescent two previous times with a single event each time but this time the adventure was amazing. If you wish to duplicate it the dates were November 19th and 20th, rooms 303, 305, and 306. They say the third floor has the most activities and I agree. $300 for hotel room, $20 for ghost tour, females scared to death – priceless.

“They Told Me Not To Talk”

I can’t remember exactly what year it was we stayed in 419 Theodora’s room.  We have stayed at the Crescent Hotel many times since the first time we came up for our Anniversary in 2006.  We always do our ghost hunting when we stay there.

On this day we were staying in Theodora’s room, and it was getting later in the afternoon.  I started by asking if she was there with us, and we wanted her to talk to us.  We always have our digital recorder with us.  Of course on this night it didn’t pick up a thing, but what happened to me when I went to sleep is unforgettable.

I sleep with my face to my husband’s back (because I get a little freaked out still sometimes).  Anyway it was around 1:00 or so when I was awakened by a feeling as if I couldn’t breath; kind of like something was on my chest.  I was trying to call out for my husband but couldn’t get the words to come out of my mouth.  I was definitely awake by then.  I had the blankets up to my neck because I can’t sleep with even a foot out.  The heavy feeling went away and then the blanket tugged on my shoulder as if trying to get my attention.  I was totally shocked at what then happened.  I know it was Theadora speaking to me.  In the faintest feminine voice she spoke in my ear.  She said to me (THEY TOLD ME NOT TO TALK).  All I can guess is she was in the room when I was asking her to talk to us and the other people there didn’t want her to communicate with us and to stay silent.  I know I didn’t dream this and It’s too far fetched for me to make up.  There is so many things that have happened at the Crescent, but this was the most exciting thing that has happened to me.  I have had the feeling of not being able to breath and not able to move a few times up there.  I think it’s their way of getting our attention.  Boy does that get mine.  Thank you so much for this wonderful Hotel.   I can’t wait for the next time I can come up.

Thank You Sherry T.

“Heard a gurney rolling down the hall”

I caught a photo of an orb next to my cat. She had just freaked out while laying on the bed. She was laying asleep on the bed, jumped up, turned stared at a picture on the wall, growled, arched her back and hissed at it! Then she jumped off the bed. I got up and grabbed the camera, and I captured the orb in the shot! Earlier that afternoon, while still in our room, I heard what I thought to be an old fashioned breakfast cart rolling down the hall.  Come to find out later that night at the ghost tour it was actually what others have heard, the sound of a gurney being pushed down the hall. This hotel is really Haunted!! I stayed there in May 2011.

Biography Channel “My Ghost Story”

Barry Conrad came to the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, a mountaintop spa resort in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (oftentimes called “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”) a couple years ago to film a segment that was shown on “My Ghost Story”, a paranormal tv show on the Biography Channel/Network. While in the hotel’s “morgue” during the taping of the hotel’s nightly ghost tour, a bright green orb went across Barry’s viewfinder alerting him that the room was indeed paranormally active. So following his assigned taping, Barry, his assistant and I went back down into the morgue. The unexplainable phenomenon that occurred at that time can be seen in this television pilot that Mr. Conrad has put together and uploaded onto YouTube. The four minutes beginning at 05m12s actually happened. I know… because I was there; i was an eyewitness. -William E Ott II

View the Youtube video HERE