Biography Channel “My Ghost Story”

Barry Conrad came to the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, a mountaintop spa resort in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (oftentimes called “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”) a couple years ago to film a segment that was shown on “My Ghost Story”, a paranormal tv show on the Biography Channel/Network. While in the hotel’s “morgue” during the taping of the hotel’s nightly ghost tour, a bright green orb went across Barry’s viewfinder alerting him that the room was indeed paranormally active. So following his assigned taping, Barry, his assistant and I went back down into the morgue. The unexplainable phenomenon that occurred at that time can be seen in this television pilot that Mr. Conrad has put together and uploaded onto YouTube. The four minutes beginning at 05m12s actually happened. I know… because I was there; i was an eyewitness.
-William E Ott II

View the Youtube video HERE

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